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28.-30.03.2023, Allianz Arena Munich



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  • More appreciation: internal security marketing.
  • More revenue: company profits from better security.




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Key topics

At mysecurityevent we use the personal conversation with the decision-makers for our topic research and select the topics based on the needs instead of just using e-mail marketing.

Concern ransomware

It is currently having a major impact on companies, including throughphishing emails and SMS. 

Identity management

Identity Governance & Administration - faster systems and secure access to data - where to start?

Machine learning / AI

New threats - new solutions? New vulnerabilities! This technology is available to both sides - new arms race?

Data-Driven Security

SOCs and SIEM provide valuable data to protect systems, increase efficiency  and automation.

Cloud security

Supplier security to ensure that all data, systems and infrastructure are as well patched and pentested.

Customer security

Abuse management, IP and traffic analysis - customer satisfaction using proactive information policy.

Employee recruitment

Levers for recruiting A employees without record salaries and alleged shortage of skilled workers.

Return on Investment

How to calculate the added value of information security? Costs in relation to profits and company´s risk.


Standards, structures, can-do mentality, internal community creates a customer-oriented security organization.


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  • Help each other instead of competition - e.g. "The Three Musketeers": Vodafone-Telekom- Telefonica.

  • Meetings with other information security officers concerning your current biggest challenge.

  • Exclusive access to contacts you do not normally get close to.

  • Unique case studies that money cannot buy.




You select your content in advance and receive your own agenda on site, precisely on your topics. At the mysecurityevent you will get a boost of motivation with new impulses to achieve results.

1. Case studies

How do other companies approach same situation? what else can you do? How do others solve my tasks?

You will get confirmation that you are on track.

4. Panel discussion: ttransform security into abusiness enabling tool

How to get greater return on your technology investments?

2. Hotseat

 The more people you sit at a table with, the higher the probability that you will find the best decision. At our event you discuss with colleagues  one-to-one.

5. After-party

Someone thinks up something, someone adapts it to the environment, someone improves it. Enjoy conviviality together.

3. Mastermind

Do youhave a confidential challenge? Discuss it within a team of experts and collegues, no recording here because doors are closed - peer-to-peer!

6. Content

In addition to key topics such as ITSM, SOC, continuity management, zero trust, IT governance, IoT security,  awareness...


Identity Access Management

Work to just meet requirements for authorities, e.g. Bafin?

Working only to satisfy an authority, Zero Trust in Multi-Cloud environment, challenge remote work, managed devices & BYOD.


More women on the IT board!

The way & the obstacles to get there. According to current study, 47% of CISOs want to get there, dealing with supervisory board mandates.


From department to CISO

Which elements are important in practice? Mindset, human factor, leadership qualities, strategy, business understanding & potential for conflict.

Customer security

More customer satisfaction through a proactive information policy!

Customer infection via service desk including recommendations for action, abuse management, identification via traffic patterns & IP address.


How to install an internal safety culture?

Internal communities, asset stewardship, cultural changes, internal information security award.


A best-of-breed or a holistic solution?

Integrated security service edge platforms, efficiency and reduction of the effort, e.g. for data encryption.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence

How to benefit?

New attacker & defender arms weapons lead to a new race, results in prevention, potential: IoT documentation of complex events.


Will CISOs threatened with imprisonment as well in Europe?

Case of Ex Uber CISO, dealing with Data Breach, responsibility CEO - IS budget, zero error tolerance - reporting channels - liability insurance.


Trend: simplification with a Unified Security Platform

Automation, mapping of endpoint protection in a central platform, cloud-native application protection platforms, infrastructure code templates.

Cloud security

Trend: parallel use in multi-cloud

Flexibility, manufacturer loyalty, application scenarios, innovations, edge cloud computing, virtual environments Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft.


Hardware implementation as a security upgrade

Fail safety & automation of endpoint security, cyber resilience, investigate and resolve cases and alerts

Identity Access Management

How does data analytics help in identity and access management?

Artificial intelligence, policy based access control and data sources for more effectiveness, CIAM / API security, self-sovereign identities.

Information security marketing

How does IT security get significant visibility & appreciation?

IT Sec as a business driver - being consultants instead of police, exchange discussion about cost center IT security to praise for profit center.

Return on investment

How much more profitable will we be if we invest how much money?

Commercial side versus IT - measurability, standard of Investments, operational vs IT.


Operational excellence in IT security

Scaling and automation, security as a service, more GDPR compliant handling, IT security concept after risk assessment.


Use XDR technology correctly

Data correlations for improved investigation and response times through security analyses, security in multidimensional data space.

Remote Workforce

Security requirements in remote work

Use of private end devices, working without VPN, BYOD, digital communication tools, data transfer and server structures.

Web Security

Trend: Internet Security Screening

Darknet, domain, credentential leak and drop zone, reporting vulnerabilities by friendly hackers.

Data security

Availability and security of applications and data centers

In-house operation, cloud-based or mixed forms, managed services and plannability and flexibility, encrypted data streams - SSL/TLS.

Zero Trust

Improved, secure access with Zero Trust Edge Security Centralized access management, automation, segmentation, compliance with company policies.


Understand & Defend with Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence

Operationalization of threat intelligence, mechanisms & action-oriented recommendations, strategic, operational and technical.


IT Security Center of Excellence for digital transformation

Securing technological infrastructure, strategic planning & optimization of infrastructure, definition & monitoring of guidelines.


More transformation - more attacks

Improved user experience and less complexity, protection of higher number of digital identities with identity security approach.

Data driven security

How to get maximum added value for business?

Number of processes, application visibility, misconfigurations, compliance risks, SOCs and SIEM as data providers for system protection.

Cloud security

How to control critical technology suppliers Automated responsibility for supplier security, reducing risk by outsourcing infrastructure through pen testing and patch monitoring.

Panel discussion

Transform security operations into a business enabling tool

How to use cybersecurity to differentiate your business? Criteria to consider when evaluating MSSPs, things helping to get greater return on your technology investments.

Network segmentation

How to strengthen customer trust

Backup solutions of office LAN, admin ports, VOIP, devices, extra networks, separation of duties and productive environments.

Employee recruitment

How do I get the best and how do I recognize them?

Levers for recruiting A employees with a can-do mentality, e.g. internal recruiting through cross-departmental training.

Email Security

Protection of inbox

Use of AI for user behavior patterns, integration in the work runs with SIEMs, SOARs and access via SSO, journaling and APIs.

IT purchasing

How to protect investments and implement cost-effectively?

Psychological negotiation in arms race between seller and buyer: Idea - decision - call for bids.

Endpoint security

Secure basis of digital transformation

Protection against ransomware, infrastructure weg. fileless threats, exploits, rootkits, EDR, gateway protection and cloud security, adaptive security.


Proftable managed detection and response

24/7 monitoring, monitoring of outsourced SOCs, incident handling, integration of source systems, SIEM, event & behavior analysis.


SAP security

Data theft and process manipulation, SAP data integration in cloud, process and data integration, safeguarding of scenarios.


Optimization of IT service management

Strategy & lifecycle management in IT asset management and ITIL requirements, VDI image, migration and process management.

Mobile security

On-premises and cloud security

Centralized management, device location tracking, inventory management, correlation of endpoint, network, email, and directory services.


Proactive protection against zero days

Phishing, spear phishing, workstations, file and mail servers, sharePoint, devices, storage, virtual infrastructure, blacklist and whitelist.

Intrusion prevention

Performance requirements of hybrid networks Securing critical data & reputation, automating inline inspection, hardware, standartization and patching.


Vulnerability and patch management

Risk-based approaches, prioritization based on threat risk, identification, SaaS solutions, common vulnerability scoring system.

Workload security

Three challenges - one solution

Data center, cloud and container with SaaS, identification of malware and accesses, machine learning, virtual patching, resources, compliance.

Data security

Encryption of files and directories

Integration of communication into processes, structured data reception and shipping, data security, media breaks, data speed.

Security awareness

Minimize human risks

Social engineering, ransomware and phishing - computer game for increase of learning success and branding among employees.

Netwok security

Relieve and secure employees

Troubleshooting, surveillance, monitoring, stability, downtime, alarm systems, flow technologies, SNMP and packet sniffing.


How to protect company as much as possible? Phishing mails, SMS, spam filters, abroad (interconnect), phishing simulations, bug bounty teams, and post-attack performance.


Internet of Things standardization

Networks / IoT / OT devices, discovery and risk analysis, Zero Trust policies, penetration strategy, device standardization.


" As long as nothing happens you always spend too much and when something happens you have spent too little.“ Marc Plewnia, CEO

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Specialization exclusively in information security events - information security is our only topic.

Experience of >20 years and >200 events - from San Francisco to Nuremberg.

Contemporary networking that works now with visible results.

Personal network >10,000 information security contacts - see e.g. Linkedin.


What does mysecurityevent mean?

Our title says it all: each participant selects their content in advance and receives their own agenda on site. The program is rounded off by an evening event and a meeting the evening before.


How do I prepare for mysecurityevent?

You will not only bring results for yourself but also learnings for the group in your company because you can tell us your challenges so that they are dealt with in a targeted manner in the modules. 


What if I cannot attend?

Let us know and you can rebook your ticket to another date or transfer your ticket to a colleague or acquaintance who also meets the relevant participation criteria.


Can I reserve a seat?

In general there is free choice of seat within your ticket category. From 8:30 a.m. the hall will be open to everyone, from 8 a.m. reserved for all VIP guests and premium seats in the front rows. 


Can I upgrade my ticket?

You can upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket at any time – as long as these are still available.


Is there catering? Is my special nutrition considered?

We take care of all forms of nutrition - please inform us about your wishes. The catering is included for all participants. There is a special area for VIPs during the main meals.


Can I register several people?

If you bring a colleague with you this is possible - but requires a case-by-case decision as we have strict criteria for the field of participants.